"When the decent people stay out of politics, they shouldn't be surprised when politics become indecent."

Friedrich Naumann (1860-1919)

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Freedom Barometer Quarterly Review Hong Kong – Q2 2014

Together with the Lion Rock Institute we invite you to have a look at Hong Kong during the second quarter of 2014: From the last quarter of 2013 when there were rumblings on the horizon, it feels like all-out political war is underway. Legislators regularly filibuster government proposals and the arrival of the summer recess […]

People’s Justice Party of Malaysia Delegation Observes Indonesian Presidential Election 2014

Indonesia has voted! The 3rd direct Indonesian Presidential Election was held last week, with an expectation of a high voter turnout. The fate of more than 250 million people will either be in the hands of a former military general or a former furniture businessman. During this historical moment, a delegation from the People’s Justice […]

Upcoming: Shanghai Austrian Economics Summit

The Shanghai Austrian Economics Summit will take place July 18th-20th and provide a venue for economists and followers of Austrian Economics from all over the world. More information about the event and the impressive line-up of speakers can be found here: http://tftevents.com/saes2014/english/

Next Stop Strasbourg

SIM Democracy, our interactive board game for democracy education, has been selected as one of the 20 labs to be presented in November this year at the World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg. Time to revisit the game’s success story in Asia. The game was initially invented to provide an interactive tool for Thai young […]

FNF Korea launches new website

The Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation office in Seoul has launched a new website. We opened our Seoul office in 1987. The main topics of our work in the Republic of Korea are local autonomy and market economy, as well as regional security focusing on the Korean peninsula. We support the empowerment of local government, in cooperation with the […]

FNF Philippines Joins Integrity Initiative

The 142 organisations, 1896 companies and 41 government institutions who signed the “Integrity Pledge” of the Integrity Initiative in the Philippines were joined on June 5th, 2014 by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom office in Manila. Signatories of the Pledge promise to prohibit bribery in their organisation, to promote integrity among their employees, to maintain accurate and transparent […]

“Islam and Politics: Dialogue on Hudud”

The dialogue on hudud* is one of the trending topics which is currently being discussed by the Malaysian society. It’s both an interesting and sensitive topic which needs to be understood correctly under the Quran. In order to obtain better understanding on the constitutional arguments against the implementation of hudud in Malaysia, FNF’s long-time partner, […]

SIM Democracy Android app released

SIM Democracy, our democracy simulation board game, has been released as Android app to provide a truly interactive experience. The game was initially invented to provide an interactive tool for young adults and first-time voters to gain a better understanding of the basic functioning of a democratic community and of public policy. Through the simulation […]

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